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If you need someone to punch up your script, edit manuscript, generate ideas or help polish your pitch, I'm there for you. 

The most important part of writing is the editing and this is where Alex’s Red Sharpie comes in. The writer’s task to pour out ideas onto the page is vital but the editor’s outside eye will ensure the piece is readable, precise and finessed.  Alex has experience editing shows, plays, and pitches. She has pitched at the Banff International Television Festival and  her play Nymphomania, was commissioned by the W Network and turned  into a series  for development.I f your one person show, essay, script, pitch or presentation needs an editor look no further.

Alex began writing collectively with Sensible Footwear in 1982. The feminist comedy troupe wrote sketches and songs together and were regulars on CBC Radio and CBC TV’s Comics, making their debut on BBC2 in the UK with Gloria Steinham. In 2000 Alex wrote and toured her first one woman show, Goddess across the Canadian Fringes and to the Adelaide Fringe in Australia. The show was aired on CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the Opera. This first show , an autobiographical work about her discovery of whom her birth father was , was a huge hit. The following shows have all been based in autobiography, written with an eye for the comedic and a style that is circular in nature , yet not following a linear timeline. 

Drama Queen was broadcast on Bravo TV, much to the delight of the Globe and Mail  TV critic,  John Doyle, who gave it a huge recommendation.

Horseface , her latest show  was again written from personal experience but one that everyone can relate to. 


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