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Alex Dallas is a writer, actor and performer from London, England who has been living and working in Canada for the past 30 years. As a founder member of the hilarious female comedy troupe, Sensible Footwear, she has toured the world and performed at the most prestigious festivals and theatres, including the Edinburgh Fringe , the Adelaide Fringe , the Glastonbury Festival and the Canadian Fringe and Comedy Festival circuit, as well as Just For Laughs.


A veteran of comedy writing, she has had her one woman shows, Goddess, and Drama Queen,  aired on  CBC TV ,The W  Network, Bravo TV and on CBC Radio.  She has  directed The Vagina Monologues and is currently Editing and Dramaturging one person shows for the Fringe Festival circuit as well as coming up with storylines for TV shows in development. 


Her career as an actor and performer has included writing 6 one woman shows, 20 years on stage with Sensible Footwear, roles such as Lady Macbeth,  and Madam Arcati amongst others and as a Voice Artist performing numerous radio and TV ads, and Audio Books, as well as playing Queen Victoria in the video game, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.


As you can see Alex is a versatile writer who can turn her hand to anything, from comedy to  drama, script writing, dramaturgy, TV ideas and pitches to  voice coaching and presentations.


If you need Alex’s Red Sharpie to edit your play, essay, script or pitch then you can contact her here.

If you need a hand to hold as you prepare a presentation, a speech for business or pleasure, or a voice class to improve your presence at Zoom meetings you can contact her here.

If you need inspiration, ideas , editing and a great sense of humour, you can contact her here.


Alex’s Red Sharpie is ready to go!

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