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Number 1 Female show at the Winnipeg Fringe, aired on CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera.

“ I knew that Alex Dallas was a gifted actress  but I had no idea until seeing Goddess, that she was such a fine writer.” Robert Enright, CBC Radio /TV 


‘Alex Dallas is a natural born entertainer.” EYE Magazine


“Dallas is a skilled storyteller. An extraordinary talent.”  Edmonton Journal


“ A true Goddess at this Festival.” Winnipeg Free Press


CBC put Nymphomania in the TOP 5 shows at 3 Fringe Festivals, NOW Magazine put it in the Top 10 at the Toronto Fringe. Alex won Best Female Comedy Performer at the Victoria Fringe and Alex was nominated for Pretty Funny Person in a One Person Show by the Canadian Comedy Awards. The show got a rave review from LA Weekly at the Stella Adler Theatre, Los Angeles.

“Deftly transitioning between light anecdotes and profound reflections, most of all, Dallas is very, very funny.”  L.A. Weekly


“One of those rare performers who can make anything seem interesting she is in top form, totally in control of her well written, vivid script.” The Star Phoenix


“Fun and smart and unflinchingly honest.” Edmonton Journal


CBC gave Drama Queen 4 FIVE STAR reviews. Recorded live for Definitely Not the Opera.

Recorded and aired on Bravo TV.

“If you watch anything this week, it should be Alex Dallas in  Drama Queen. “ John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

“For an hour she rummages around the attic of her memory, spinning yarns and the hands of this earthy, vulnerable, approachable, hilarious woman they take on the sheen of life lived as an adventure.”  Edmonton Sun


“ We’re hooked from the first moment and it never flags. Here’s a woman who can have us interested in her last biopsy.”   Edmonton Journal

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Winner of Best Show in Venue , Orlando Fringe

“acerbic and self assured she smoothly weaves narrative and dramatization together,” NOW Magazine


the perfect one person show,” NOW Magazine


"Dallas is an engaging, polished storyteller," Orlando Sentinel


“Well constructed intimate monologue that used to be the life blood of the Fringe Festival circuit,“ Orlando Weekly


“A masterful storyteller, the hallmark of great theatre,“ Kingston Whig Standard

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